In May of 2018, Canada, Mexico, and the United States signed the Environmental Cooperation Agreement, also known as the EPSCA agreement. This agreement aimed to enhance environmental cooperation and improve the overall environmental performance of the North American region.

The EPSCA agreement builds on the previous North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) and incorporates new areas of cooperation. The agreement included provisions that would enhance collaboration on several environmental issues, including air quality, water resources, and waste management.

One of the critical components of the EPSCA agreement is the commitment to collaborate on environmental enforcement. This collaboration includes sharing information and best practices to ensure compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Additionally, the agreement establishes a process for resolving disputes related to environmental enforcement.

Another significant aspect of the EPSCA agreement is the creation of the North American Partnership for Environmental Community Action (NAPECA). This partnership aims to provide resources and support to grassroots organizations working on environmental issues in their communities. The NAPECA program is designed to enhance environmental awareness and increase community involvement in environmental decision-making.

The EPSCA agreement also includes provisions for cooperation on climate change. The agreement acknowledges the urgent need for global action to address the challenges of climate change and commits the three countries to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of clean energy.

The EPSCA agreement is a significant step forward in North American environmental collaboration. The agreement promotes cooperation and collaboration on critical environmental issues and provides a framework for resolving disputes related to environmental enforcement. Additionally, the creation of the NAPECA program and the commitment to working together on climate change demonstrates a shared commitment to sustainable development and a healthier environment for all.