The recent government shutdown has affected the Internal Revenue Service`s ability to provide its usual services to taxpayers. One of the significant services impacted is the ability to enter into installment agreements to pay taxes owed.

An installment agreement is an arrangement between the IRS and a taxpayer to pay off their tax debt in regular, manageable payments. This agreement allows taxpayers to avoid collection actions such as wage garnishment, levies on bank accounts, and property liens.

During the shutdown, the IRS is still accepting requests for installment agreements. However, the processing time for these requests will be delayed. Taxpayers should expect to receive a response within 90 days after the shutdown ends.

It`s essential to note that any missed payments during the shutdown will be considered delinquent. Taxpayers are still required to make their payments on time, even if the installment agreement has not yet been approved. Interest and penalties will continue to accrue on any outstanding tax debt.

If a taxpayer is struggling to make payments on their installment agreement due to the shutdown, they should contact the IRS as soon as possible. The IRS may be able to offer relief, such as adjusting the payment due date or temporarily suspending payments.

In conclusion, the government shutdown has impacted the processing time for installment agreements with the IRS. Taxpayers should continue to make their payments on time and contact the IRS if they are experiencing financial difficulties due to the shutdown. With patience and communication, taxpayers can still manage their tax debt.